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72V 50Ah battery pack

72V 50Ah battery pack is composed of 400 18650 batteries 20S 20P or 230 32650 batteries 23S 10P batteries. The batteries guarantee 100% full capacity, high quality and reliable quality. All batteries have PCM protection, which can protect the normal use of the batteries.
Product applications:
Power system, energy storage, UPS, solar power generation, electric tricycle, motor vehicle start-up, etc.

Product introduction
Rated voltage: 72V
Discharge Termination Voltage: 60.0V
Rated capacity: 50Ah
Maximum charging voltage: 84V
Charging mode: CC-CV
Standard charging current: 5.0 A
Instantaneous charging current: 10.0 A
Maximum discharge current: 85A
Net weight: <20kg
Battery size: 390*370*75mm
Matching charger input voltage: 100-240VAC, output voltage: 84VDC, charging current: 5.0 A
Matters needing attention:
1. Please do not put batteries in or near the water source.
2. Please do not close the battery to the source of fire.
3. Please use the oh-gag charger
4. Connect the positive and negative poles correctly
5. Please do not connect batteries directly to wall sockets or electronic cigarettes.
6. Do not close the battery to the heat source
7. Please do not connect metal materials between positive and negative electrodes of batteries to prevent short circuit.
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